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This report was a collaboration between the Black Legacy Fund, the Arizona Center for African American Resources (AZCAAR) and the African American Women’s Giving and Empowerment Circle (AAWGEC). The organizations commissioned Dr. Evandra Catherine, Ph.D., to research and create a report with a scope focused on a review of local policies and research related to the education, mental and physical health, and well-being of African American families and children in Arizona, how ARP funds are currently allocated, and provide recommendations on how Arizona’s family serving organizations and departments can access and utilize those funds to better support underserved African Americans in Arizona. Our goal is to distribute the report to organizations with the capacity to address the inequities to facilitate community conversations towards actions that will help improve the status of traditionally disenfranchised African Americans in Arizona. 

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This presentation by Dr. Carlian W. Dawson , Ed.D., is on the topic of Trauma: The Effects of the Pandemic on African American Families.

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This presentation by Dr. Carlian W. Dawson, Ed.D. is on the topic of Resilience and building it within the African American Family.


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